Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier grew up in the area now known as Historic Filipinotown 
in Los Angeles. Her mother was pregnant with Carlene when they came to the U.S. from the Philippines. Two weeks after their arrival, her father, who was white, died and a week or so after that, she was born.  Bonnivier grew up in the culture of her mother but was equally as influenced by the highly diverse culture along Temple Street in Los Angeles. 

                                                        Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier
	                                                10 years old
                                                        Painting done in Chinatown

		•When she was 15 she was scheduled to go to Juvenile Hall.
		•When she was 17 she was working in the White House Press Office.  
		•She worked in the office of the Attorney General; for a Congressman;
		  and in the War on Poverty (Office of Economic Opportunity).
		•Starting with her Peace Corps Service in Malaysia, she lived in half 
		  a dozen countries and visited 40 more.  
		•She taught for over 20 years, first to migrant farmworkers in Salinas, 		  
                  California; her last position was at the University of California in Irvine. 
		•Bonnivier has authored three novels (available on Amazon), several 
		 screenplays, a text book and dozens of plays.  
		•In 2010 she, and two other “children” of Filipinotown, began a six-month 
		  series of writing workshops held up and down Temple Street.  From these 		  workshops, they gathered stories that, over time, grew into a 40-chapter 		  
                  anthology about Filipinos who lived in or around Los Angeles from the 
		  1930s to 2015 (stretching from Little Tokyo to Beverly Hills and out to 
		  the farming communities). Filipinotown: Voices from Los Angeles is now 
		  available on
		•Produced and wrote the story and  lyrics for WARRIOR - The Musical, performed   
                  in 2018 at the  Pico Union Project, downtown Los Angeles. 


      Marciana Cesaria Sobrino Bonnivier
      Baguio, Philippine Islands