From the undertow in Bali to a Tibetan rebel camp in the Himalayas and on to the sacred Batu Caves of Kuala Lumpur, Teresa Follette, a Filipino-American journalist for the Los Angeles Star, encounters beauty and danger in South East Asia.

She drinks and writes herself through war zones, fasts and chants and reaches for some kind of love. Two men––one of them a monk––take Theresa further into her adventure than she ever thought she would go.

“Combing her lyrical style and her remarkable ability to merge the present and the past in an uninterrupted narrative, Bonnivier succeeds in revealing a story that touches deep the soul of every person who has ever felt isolated.” – Times Books International, Singapore

“Even before I finished Autobiography of a Stranger, I knew I wanted to use it as required reading in my spring semester course in Women’s Literature.”
-Professor Luisa A. Igloria, Old Dominion University, Virginia

Autobiography of a Stranger was first published in Okinawa by Times Books International, Singapore, 1993. It is out of print, but copies of the original do appear on Amazon and elsewhere on the net from time to time.