“WARRIOR is based on an actual event, a nine-year struggle against eviction that took place at the International Hotel in San Francisco. It's 1968. The City of San Francisco is in turmoil. Hippies and civil rights activists, feminists, Hari Krishnas and white supremacists are in protest almost daily. The City has grown up around the two-story VFW Hotel, and the residents brace for a fight against eviction. Like the people of California, the cast and the music of WARRIOR come from all over the world.  Sal Malaki, plays the part of the manong (beloved elder/uncle) who will lead the residents in their fight.  He is a Filipino-American and a singer with the Los Angeles Opera.  His voice combines with the sweet lyrical voice of Andrew Shubin who plays a would-be bard in Hannigan’s Irish Pub which happens to be located in the basement of the VFW Hotel. Ian’s voice and stories have, for years, entertained the old man, who lives just above the PUB. When they meet, they quickly decide they have one last fight left in them.”

LtoR:  TATA ZOSIMO: Dr. Rufino Cadano, JOHNNY: Ferdinand Galang, IAN: Andrew Rubin, FE: Charmaine Clamor, IFUGAO WARRIOR: Virgil Apostol, GABI: Sal Malaki, BALTAZAR: Oscar Peñaranda, ARNOLD: Brett Lark, and O’BRIEN: Rob O’Brien 



10-minute trailer: James Castillo

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